Web Development

Having an amazing website is vital for any business. When a customer is interested in your business, what is the first thing they do? Now won’t you want your protential customer to visit a website that is an amazing as your business?

The Importance

Your industry, product, or service has competition. Having a unique product is very unlikely for any company regardless of the size or location. This means your competitors are working just as much as you to get customers. You need an advantage to remain relevant to your customers. With the world becoming more technical every day, high-quality websites are vital. Think about it, would you buy an item from a website looked a decade old? Probably not according to Canadians. With online presence being the first impression to the majority of business, it is our job to ensure your potential clients are impressed.


WordPress is our go-to. We have the ability to make you a website on the CMS you desire, but often WordPress is the best option compared to Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, or Drupal. Jayflare uses WordPress because of sympathy for both us, and you. WordPress allows complete customizability to truly allow our web development to create the best UI website for your customers. However, most CMS are very customizable. What makes WordPress special is it is designed for anyone, not just web designers. Meaning, if you want to make changes on your website, you do not have to be a web developer. Jayflare does not trap you into contracts or create websites that are difficult to edit. We have no contracts and make websites that are optimized, well designed, and easy for you to change yourself. You no longer have to choose one.

Mobile Web Devlopment

If your website is not “Mobile Friendly” you are falling behind. Majority of Canadians use their mobile devices to browse the internet. Mobile web development is just as important, and arguably more important than desktop. Why? Google has officially announced that they are going to prioritize their search engine to mobile users in 2018. Google is the median that your customers find you on.

Beta Testing

Clicking a button or a link that does not work is frustrating. Unfortunately, this happens more often than expected on small business websites. This not necessarily anyone fault as website tend to break without notice. With frequent updates, backups, maintenance, and beta testing, Jayflare can ensure of clients that users will have no issues with navigating through your website.

Landing pages

Users judge a website in as little as 2 seconds before they decided to stay or leave. You want the first page they land on to be simple, yet effective. Once the KPI is identified on the website and landing pages, we are able to create a landing page that will get users to convert using session records, heatmaps, and more depending on what your KPI is. Creating a landing page can be the difference between a visitor and a customer.


When people are searching on Google’s search engine, they are trying to find an answer to their question. The content on your website has to answer the question. If a user is searching for “Real Estate agents in Vancouver”, Google’s algorithm shows website that is best suited for this search query. If your website has the best content to answer this query, as well as several other ranking factors, your website will appear first in the Search engine results pages. Our content is made by professional writers that have written books and have been featured in creditable publishing companies like Yahoo Finance and Search Engine Land. Jayflare invests in our creative writing department because we understand that your website delivers captivating content that will have users hanging on to every word.

Web Dev

What You Need To Know

Web devlopment is easy to do. Yep. There are thousands tutrouails for build a website. However, just like anything in life: It is easy to do, but difficult to master. Jayflare has built website for several clients across Canada. Let us do what we do best for the ideal website for your business.

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Website Audit

An analysis of all that can affect your website from being visible to search engines. This includes robots.txt, sitemap, website speed, HTML and PHP erros.

SEO Audit

On-site seo & backlink analysis. This includes indexing pages, broken links, spam links, duplicate content, redirection errors, and more. A full summary report will be included.

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