User Experience Design

Increasing user satisfaction by improving accessibility, usability, and overall experience on a website is the fundamentals of User Experience. Having a unique, yet feasible design is vital for any business with an online presence.


As time goes on, websites need a complete redesign. What looked good a decade ago is not going to look decent today. As the re-design is undergoing, user experience is important to intergrade into the final design. It is important to remember that it needs to be recognizable, interactive, mobile, and organized. A recognizable website will get users to convert or revisit because it is memorable. Interactive websites have unique audio, scroll, or sliding elements that engage the user like never before. Mobile is no longer the future, it is the present. A mobile design is essential for user experience for years to come. An organzied website is when users can navigate through the website without feeling confused immediately. If your website has all four elements previously mentioned, your website will have a successful redesign.

A/B Testing

Split testing is first observation determining the conversion that needs to be improved. This can be an entire page, a contact form, content, or a button. Once you determine what needs to be changed, you have to identify the variables and create variations. It is important to split test each landing page or pages with a stage of a funnel because of conversion rate optimization and user experience design. Jayflare trends to run the experiment on all users instead of a target audience. After two to four weeks, analyze the data to determine what changes, if any, need to be done.

Case Study

Looking for inspiration is a great way to get creative. Often, each case study example spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to get their final design. Instead of doing the same, you can make your own version of that design. This is can be a great option for small businesses that do not have the resources for their own case study. No design is perfect, but there is always room for improvement. It took months before Jayflare was even being built. Over 4 redesigns and more hours than we would like to admit, Jayflare had a recognizable, interactive, mobile, and organized website design based on a case study example.

User Interface

Want a user interface that is designed based on your target market? Every website created had this in mind, but did not know the fundamentals on how to accomplish this goal. Before you even think of a design, you have to know your target user. Learn what design they like and improve from there as starting point. You want your user to experience this design throughout the entire website as consistency is indispensable. This empowers the user because the website is designed based on their needs. Lastly, collect feedback from your users. Users will provide both negative and positive feedback that will only help the website.

UX Design

What You Need To Know

All the traffic in the world does not mean anything if people are not converting. Jayflare makes sure we understand your target market to ensure the maximum amount of conversions.

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An analysis of all that can affect your website from being visible to search engines. This includes robots.txt, sitemap, website speed, HTML and PHP erros.

SEO Audit

On-site seo & backlink analysis. This includes indexing pages, broken links, spam links, duplicate content, redirection errors, and more. A full summary report will be included.

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