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Social Media allows people from around the world to view and express thoughts, views, and opinions. Connect with your audience effectively on social media with Social Media Marketing Brampton.


From social media management tools to task automators, Jayflare takes advantage of the tools available. These tools make social media simple and easy to maintain for our clients. Jayflare uses two automation tools that help us create the social media presence we desire for your business. The first tool we use is buffer. This tool allows users to manage all of social media profiles at once. These are also the tools used to schedule posts, which helps us organize our profiles better. The second tool we use at Jayflare is IFTTT. This tool is incredibly powerful. There are thousands of uses for IFTTT, therefore, we found several ways to automate our business. For example, when we leave to meet with a client that is scheduled in Google calendar, our phone will automatically mute. When we return to the office or home, it will unmute. That is just one of the ten examples of the power of IFTTT.


There are hundreds of social media platforms, but only a select few are important to a business. Most businesses do not need to be on more than 6 social media platforms. These six platforms may differ depending on your industry, but these six are the standard. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest or Snapchat depending on your business industry and target audience. These are the most used and know platforms that your users may be using daily. Even though it may not seem important to have a social media presence, you would be amazed the ROI of having a social media marketer on your team.


Engagement leads to a sense of trust in a relationship between customer and business. That relationship makes users feel more comfortable with your business, which often leads to brand loyalty. Engagement is the foundation of a successful social media campaign.

Brand Awareness

Want your brand to gain impressions without paying thousands on advertising? Social media is the fastest and cost-effective way to get your brand noticed nationally. Unfortunately, that is no easy task. The likelihood of this happening is slim at best. If your social media post is not going viral, your impressions will not be as effective as a local billboard. If your goal is to get brand awareness in your community, social media is great.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is difficult to build without getting your brand in the face of your target audience. Even when this is accomplished, it may take years to see measurable results. Interacting with local users on social media also plays a vital role in this process. First, get the user aware of your brand. Next, interact with the users. Finally, once a community has formed, brand loyalty has been created.

Customer Service

More than ever customers are using social media to communicate with companies. This has been a growing trend across enterprise companies such as Google. If your Google My Business listing has a problem that you cannot fix, Google recommends to direct message them via Twitter. Jayflare had to recover a LinkedIn profile for a client and it was complicated. After several weeks, the only method that got a response was direct message on Twitter. Within the next few years, expect e-mail to only be used to communicate with companies for formal issues and social media for everything else.


What You Need To Know

Having a social media presence often sperate the good from the great companies. Being engaged on the social media platforms they use the most can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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