Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing can get your business found on the top of search engines for the keyword best describing your business on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Quality Score

Quality score is relevance plus user experience. If a user clicks on an advertisement that provides a good experience based on what they expected when clicking the ad, that determines the “Quality Score”. The better your quality score, the less you will have to pay-per-click and the higher your ad will rank. Getting a perfect quality score of 10 is no easy task, however. To achieve a better-quality score, you will need to do keyword research, keyword organization, landing page CRO, and including negative keywords.

Geographic Targeting

Choosing where you want your ads to be seen is important. Knowing where your idea customers are can be the difference between a successful campaign and a failure. Your target market can be determined by income, age, education, ethnicity, and location. Creating an ad radius will only be so effective compared to understanding your customers.

Click Through Rate

CTR is the measures how often users click your listing on the Search engine result pages. Not all click through rates simple. This depends on search network or display network. The average CTR on search network is 1.91% and 0.35% on display network. With the right wording or image, your CTR can be higher than the industry average. Jayflare uses the best practices to make sure your click through rate is higher than industry standards.

Landing pages

Once the ad is clicked, the landing page is the only reason why a user will convert or not. The landing page has to be stunning at a minimum. Based on your KPI, Jayflare has made several successful landing pages that have had over 7% conversion.

Cost Per Acquisition

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is how much you spent to get a customer. This is often confused with Cost per conversion. A conversion can be anything from getting an email address to a Facebook like, which might lead to that user becoming a customer. Social media cost per acquisition is usally cost efficient. Often, business owners only care about this metric only, which is why Jayflare including this metric in every report for each client.


What You Need To Know

Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining visitors to a website by purchasing advertisements on search engines. Often Search Engine Marketing is also called Paid-per-click advertising or paid search.

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Website Audit

An analysis of all that can affect your website from being visible to search engines. This includes robots.txt, sitemap, website speed, HTML and PHP erros.

SEO Audit

On-site seo & backlink analysis. This includes indexing pages, broken links, spam links, duplicate content, redirection errors, and more. A full summary report will be included.

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