I’ve personally dealt with many business owners across North America, therefore, I can truly say the majority of clients are good people. However, from no fault of there own ( I blame the sales representatives at an agency I worked with ), believe SEO will only take a month or so.

Not true in the slightest.

Because of the lies being told to business owners, the expectations were just unrealistic.

The goal of this article is to educate business owners that have hired an SEO agency or freelancer.


1. Be patience for 6 months


SEO is getting more difficult every day, meaning, it is more complex to manipulate Google’s algorithm.

Having “Good content” & “High-quality” is not going ensure #1 position in a few weeks anymore. There is a lot more that goes into it. One of those things is time and lot of it.

As much as I would love to tell you exactly how long SEO will take, I can’t. No one can.

Google’s algorithm decides ( If ever ) when your website is worthy of being on the first page. We can only optimize it for the best chances of being on the first page for a keyword.

Be aware that if you are seeing no results after 6 months, you should consider looking for another SEO. By results, I mean an increase in organic traffic, higher CTR, etc.


2. Pricing


If you are paying less than $500 and the freelancer or agency has higher paying clients, you are second or third or sometimes no priority.

SEO is expensive. Well, good quality SEO is. You can go on to Fiverr and order “SEO” for $5 if you want.

If you have a small budget, you should not expect the world regardless of what you have been told. This does not mean you shouldn’t do SEO if you have a small budget. For clients with budgets under $500, I tell them once they see results, to increase the budget.

The larger the budget, the more time spent, the more likely your search engine results will increase.


3. Do your part


Here is an example I had once.

Client –  “It’s been three whole months and I have not seen any results from SEO yet!

Me – “I know. I haven’t been able to do On-site SEO because you still have not given me the login information for your website. Please send the password so I can do on-site SEO.”

Client – “Alright. I’ll send you the password tomorrow.”

That client never sent me the password. They cancelled a few weeks later because of “The lack of ROI”.

Do not be this client. If an SEO ask you for something, provide them with it quickly. Do your part and we’ll do ours.


4. Invest in more than SEO


If your entire marketing budget is SEO, you should consider investing in PPC. Everyone wants to see results from spending thousands of dollars in online marketing, unfortunately, results may take months with SEO. That is why I always recommend doing PPC while SEO is growing.

If you are thinking to only do PPC, that is also a bad idea. Yes, PPC will get conversions faster than SEO, however, it will cost a lot more to get those conversions. Just like a good investment portfolio, it needs to be diverse to be successful.



These are just the pillars of being a good client. The rest can be summarized in this quote: “I respect those who respect themselves and myself.”