Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting users to covert can be made simple with Conversion Rate Optimization by Jayflare. We use several tools to understand what users in your industry want and how to provide them with exactly that.


CRO and funnels are conjoined. Funnels are the stages or journey you want your user to take. At the end of the funnel is to make a purchase or become a customer. Each funnel is different, however, they all have the same goal of converting at some point during the process. That is the fundamentals of Brampton Conversion Rate Optimization. It is referred as a funnel because the further the funnel, the less likely your user will convert. Conversion rates are between 1% to 5% for most businesses and type of conversion you are trying to obtain. Getting an email address will have a higher conversion rate than getting a transaction.

Session Records

The best way to understand a user is to experience what they have when using your website. That is why session records are vital to CRO. Seeing how your users interact with your website is important to create a funnel or to see where they are leaving your website. If you see that users tend to keep their cursor on the right side of the website, putting a call to action button on the right side may increase conversions. Users also find broken links and 404 pages that may have been overlooked. Session records are important to any company that wants to gain more conversions.


See your visitors behaviour at a glance with heatmaps. Not all heatmaps are the same, however, Jayflare uses all variations for best conversion rate results. The three heatmaps that Jayflare installs on clients websites are click, move, and scroll heatmaps. You will be able to see where the users click the most, where they navigate with the cursor, and the position they are scrolling to. See how users interact with your website to optimize accordingly to their behaviour.

Usability Testing

Want a user interface that is designed based on your target market? Every website made had this in mind, but did not know the fundamentals on how to accomplish this goal. Before you even think of a design, you have to know your user. Learn what design they like and improve from there. You want your user to experience this design throughout the entire website. This empowers the user because the website is designed based on their needs. Lastly, collect feedback from your users. Users will provide both negative and positive feedback that will only help the website.

QA Testing

Does your website meet the specific requirements for your industry? Most business owners have no idea how their website stands against competitors. Quality Assurance is established for each client with the CRO package because the QA is meant to increase users confidence and the creditability of your company. Jayflare has an amazing SQA engineer to analyze and test your website with SQA tools.


What You Need To Know

All the traffic in the world does not mean anything if people are not converting. Jayflare makes sure we understand your target market to ensure the maximum amount of conversions.

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An analysis of all that can affect your website from being visible to search engines. This includes robots.txt, sitemap, website speed, HTML and PHP erros.

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On-site seo & backlink analysis. This includes indexing pages, broken links, spam links, duplicate content, redirection errors, and more. A full summary report will be included.

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