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Monday – Friday: 9:30am – 7:00pm Saturday – Sunday: 12:00pm – 4:00pm Call: (289) 233-4739 Email: Info@Jayflare

Frequently Asked Questions

95% questions are related to money, so here is the most frequently asked question concerning money we get.

Does Jayflare Price Match Competitors?

Nope & never will. We do this because they’re many freelancers and agencies that are willing to provide below average services & we cannot provide quality service for that price.

My marketing budegt is small, what should I do?

Give us a call. If our services are still to expensive, we would be more than happy to recommend a quality freelancer within your budget.

Are there any contracts?

Nope & never will be. If you are not happy with our services, we respect your descion to leave we you want. Only catch is you have to pay for the services before the work can be done.

Website / SEO Audit

Not sure how your website stands up against your competitors?  

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Website Audit

An analysis of all that can affect your website from being visible to search engines. This includes robots.txt, sitemap, website speed, HTML and PHP erros.

SEO Audit

On-site seo & backlink analysis. This includes indexing pages, broken links, spam links, duplicate content, redirection errors, and more. A full summary report will be included.